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We have so many choices these days. It may seem overwhelming to choose from a wide array of available supply chain training options. What criteria can you use to select the best option?

  • Does the training give you the newest insights?
  • Is the certification sought by employers inside and outside the Netherlands?
  • Is it a global level training valid accross the world and a truly recognized standard in supply chain education in companies?
  • Does the certification make you stand out in the job pool?

 Search no more: Proqua’s APICS CPIM, APICS CSCP and CLTD training courses check all the boxes.


  • CPIM Part 1: It is recommended that one begins with BSCM as this module incorporates all the introductory aspects of the remaining four modules.
  • CPIM Part 2: Complete your CPIM preparation with comprehensive training for internal operations covering master planning, detailed scheduling, execution and strategic management of resources.

For APICS CPIM Pricing in the Netherlands contact us via office@proqua.nl

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  • Open entry training courses: Day lessons, evening lessons and on Saturdays
  • Self study with and without support
  • Self study + Exam training

As APICS Partner we can provide you with all material necessary for your certification process.
Learning materials CPIM : Text books part 1 & 2 + online APICS Learning.
A combination of reading materials with online APICS Learning. To be ordered through ProQuas bookservice.

APICS Exam Service: You can purchase your APICS CPIM exam credits at ProQua. We provide the administrative framework to help you succeed.

  • Exam delivery is on demand. Candidates can book the testing any date and time throughout the year.
  • Multiple testing locations in the Netherlands.
  • Computer based exams through the Pearson Vue test centers.
  • Your score report is available immediately after the exam.

Successful candidates must have a working knowledge of English in order to understand the English study materials and exam. Willing to participate and contribute to group discussions.

After completing the CPIM program you will be able to understand how to:

  • Optimize your inventory investment
  • Deliver products and services Just-in-Time
  • Streamline operations trough accurate forecasting
  • Consistently meet your long-,medium-, and short-range goals
  • Maximize the performance of your systems and technologies
  • Increased technical and functional knowledge
  • Widespread recognition of your professional competence
  • Enhanced credibility with both employers and customers
  • Demonstrated levels of professional expertise and skill
  • Evidence commitment to professional growth and development

Depending on the audience the teaching language can be Dutch, English or German.

For companies seeking to train 7 or more employees, ProQua InCompany training is the ideal solution. On site training helps companies excel by providing uniform instruction at a reasonable price, eliminating the cost and lost time spent on travel and accommodation and minimizing the disruption in workflow by selecting a convenient time and location.

Choose quality and portability