The untroubled year 2023

Will 2023 be an untroubled year?

A year when all global tensions fade, a year when love conquers all, a year when we solve the climate, energy, and asylum crises and curb our CO2 emissions? The year when the war in Ukraine ends and we clean up the plastic soup?

Despite being optimistic by nature, we’re aware this is wishful thinking.

But will 2023 be an untroubled year for you? Now that is a completely different question. While you obviously can’t solve the world’s problems on your own, you can influence your own circumstances and your immediate environment.

You can be even kinder to your loved ones. You can spend more time with people who deserve it. You can enjoy things more. You can focus more on living a healthy lifestyle. And let’s not forget another important thing: work! Is there anything you could still improve? Silly question, really, as there’s always something that can be improved. That is the valuable lesson we have learned. Things can always be smoother, more efficient, and certainly more carefree.

If one of those things is improving your knowledge and enhancing your career prospects with a good-quality, globally recognized supply chain training course, then we recommend you to choose ProQua. Providing logistics and supply chain training since 1988.

We wish you and everyone close to you an untroubled 2023.

Maria Benen,

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